This documentation shows you how to get access to the IoT-LAB REST API and invoke the API methods using HTTP requests. Many of IoT-LAB testbed features are available through the API. For example this API lets you manage your experiment lifecycle and interaction with nodes like power supply management or flashing a firmware


You need an account on IoT-LAB testbed and the API authentication is based on HTTP Basic Authentication with your credentials (login/password)

The main endpoint of the REST API is https://www.iot-lab.info/api


We provide a documentation generated from the Swagger API design tool. It’s ordered by main endpoints like experiments, nodes, sites or users. You can visualize and interact with the API’s resources directly from the documentation. This official documentation may be consulted here https://api.iot-lab.info


IoT-LAB testbed provides two default API clients with the testbed Webportal and the CLI command-line tools. These clients are open-source and your are welcome to contribute and improve them: