Terms of use

IoT-LAB is an accurate and efficient scientific tool, built to help and foster the design, development, tuning, and experimentation of large scale IoT applications. It's a shared tool, please make good use of it, and respect other users. IoT-LAB staff work hard to keep the testbed in good shape for experiments, and usually provide a very decent quality of service.

Acknowledging usage

The sustainability of the IoT-LAB testbed is ensured through regular funding requests, for which information must be provided about usage and results obtained by experimenters. IoT-LAB users must contribute to this effort. Indeed the testbed must be acknowledged in all work presenting results or contents obtained or derived from its usage. The acknowledgment must contain the “FIT IoT-LAB” official name.

Quote IoT-LAB

According to the Terms of Use you have to quote FIT IoT-LAB in your publication if your experiments results are based on FIT IoT-LAB testbed:
  1. Add acknowledgements to FIT IoT-LAB in introduction or conclusion of the publication.
  2. Add the following citation to the reference article of FIT IoT-LAB:
    • Text version:
      FIT IoT-LAB: A Large Scale Open Experimental IoT Testbed
      C. Adjih, E. Baccelli, E. Fleury, G. Harter, N. Mitton, T. Noel, R. Pissard-Gibollet, F. Saint-Marcel, G. Schreiner, J. Vandaele, T. Watteyne
      in IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WF-IoT), Milan, Italy, December 2015
    • BibTeX version:
        TITLE = ,
        AUTHOR = {Adjih, C{\'e}dric and Baccelli, Emmanuel and Fleury, Eric and Harter, Gaetan and Mitton, Nathalie and Noel, Thomas and Pissard-Gibollet, Roger and Saint-Marcel, Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric and Schreiner, Guillaume and Vandaele, Julien and Watteyne, Thomas},
        URL = {https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01213938},
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        ADDRESS = {Milan, Italy},
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        HAL_ID = {hal-01213938},
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  3. Send email to admin@iot-lab.info once your publication has been accepted in order to update list.

Resources reservation

Experiments performed on IoT-LAB testbed require several nodes reservations. It is possible to reserve nodes as soon as possible (submissions, typically for small-scale reservations) or using advance reservations (for larger-scale experiments, during nights and weekends).

  • Between 09:00 and 19:00 during working days (Monday to Friday) you shouldn’t use more than 3 hours all the nodes of a site.
  • Please try to schedule large scale experiments at night-time (19:00 to 09:00 local time of the site) or over week-ends.
  • You shouldn’t have more than two experiments with advance reservation.

Privacy Policy

People who have access to the IoT-LAB testbed promise not to share their account. Access rights are personal and cannot be delegated. IoT-LAB users must respect the applicable legislation in its totality, most notably concerning computer security and intellectual property. Testbed usage is monitored by IoT-LAB staff. In case of bad use, your account will be locked.

Mailing List

Messages for advertising Call For Papers outside the scope of IoT-LAB are forbidden. Please use dedicated channel like TCCC for promoting your conference or journal. Only workshops or summer schools promoting usage of IoT-LAB are allowed. Users breaking the rules will be temporarily banned from the mailing list. In case of a second attempt, user might be definitively revoked from the mailing-list.