The Toulouse site is part of the LocURa4IoT testbed. The nodes are located at IUT Blagnac (IRIT/UT2J). They are spread across offices and demonstration room on the first floor of building C. This site focuses on Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology and is catered towards indoor localisation, but can also host experiments on other available technologies such as BLE and other topics such as time synchronisation .

boards Decawave DWM1001 43


Toulouse testbed is deployed at a building scale, over the first floor of building C of IUT Blagnac.

  • All the nodes are currently Qorvo’s DWM1001.
  • Most of the nodes are fixed at a height of 2.65m and at least 30cm away from the walls and ceilings on dedicated plastic mounts.
  • Some nodes are located on the floor or at an intermediate height (1,65m) to enable 3D localisation experiments.
  • The walls are either load-bearing bricks walls, wood pannel walls or drywalls.
  • Node positions are estimated to be known within 2cm of precision [Bossche2022].
  • The node positions are available as a JSON file here.
  • Note : the node ids are not contiguous because some ids are provisioned for future use.
Testbed map

Views of node setup

Demo room
high-density mount in demo room
Wall mount
Floor node
Close-up of node mount
Cabinet mount in an office

Toulouse IoT-LAB site is co-funded by the CNRS and University Toulouse Jean Jaurès