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st-iotnode Sub-GHz wifi BLE RIOT Zephyr Saclay 10

The ST B-L475E-IOT01A board is multi radio capable board running on an ARM CortexM4 STM32L475VG microcontroller.

It is possible to reset, debug and program the ARM Cortex M4 through the embedded debugger (ST-LINK) connected to the gateway USB port. This component also allows a UART connection to the M4.

IoT-LAB special configuration

The serial connection baudrate should be configured at 115200 bauds in the firmware and use USART2 on pins PB7 (RX) and PB6 (TX).

Schematics and Datasheets

The board datasheet is available  here.

The cpu datasheet is available  here.


The board provides several sensors: