board ID radio OS support deployment
pycom LoRa BLE Wifi MicroPython Strasbourg 30

Pycom is an a complete ecosystem for easy IoT development. The IoT-LAB testbed provides access to the Pycom development boards. These boards can be programmed with MicroPython and feature several wireless technologies: WiFi, BLE, SigFox, NB-IoT and LoRa.

Note: it’s not possible yet to use SigFox or NB-IoT because of missing infrastructure and integration within the IoT-LAB testbed.

Datasheet and documentation

You can find a lot of documentation on the Pycom website. IoT-LAB provides two types of boards:

IoT-LAB special configuration

IoT-LAB only provides access to the MicroPython REPL of the firmware pre-installed on the boards via the usual serial redirection mechanism (use nc on port 20000 from the SSH frontend).

It is not possible to reflash the MicroPython firmware running on the Pycom boards.

Each Pycom board on Strasbourg site is plugged on the Pycom Expansion Board.


Sometimes the REPL doesn’t respond after the experiment startup (e.g. no display of >>> prompt when sending Enter on the serial port). In this case, one way to recover the REPL is to perform a power cycle of the board:

$ iotlab-node --stop
$ iotlab-node --start