Decawave DWM1001

board ID radio OS support deployment
dwm1001 BLE UWB RIOT Zephyr Lille 14 Toulouse 43

The dwm1001 board available in IoT-LAB are Qorvo (formerly Decawave) DWM1001-DEV boards. They are build around a DWM1001C module which contains a nRF52832 ARM CortexM4 microcontroller from Nordic with BLE and a DW1000 UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) transceiver.

The dwm1001 board can reset, debug and program the ARM Cortex M4 through the embedded debugger (JLink) connected to the gateway USB port. This component also allows a UART connection to the M4.

IoT-LAB special configuration

The serial connection baudrate should be configured at 115200 bauds in the firmware and use UART0 on pin 11 (RX) and 5 (TX).

Schematics and Datasheets

The hardware configuration is available  here.

The board is running on an  nrf52832 microcontroller.

Calibration of Antenna Delays

Some parameters (notably the antenna delays) of the boards are factory-calibrated. The calibration parameters can be read by the firmware from the One-Time Programmable memory (OTP) of the DW1000 chip (see section 6.3 of DW1000 user manual).

The antenna delays for some of IoT-LAB boards are as follows:

Node Device UID Delay Hex Delay Decimal 81C1 404A 16458 8E2C 404B 16459 E9A6 4049 16457 84B2 4058 16472 BCE1 404D 16461 AA5E 404E 16462 8DD8 4049 16457 6A12 4058 16472 FB2E 4058 16472 7FC2 4058 16472 0EFA 4034 16436 333C 4039 16441 65C9 404B 16459 7906 4035 16437