Arduino Zero

board ID radio OS support deployment
arduino-zero 802.15.4 RIOT Zephyr Saclay 3

The Arduino Zero board is one the official Arduino boards and is running on a Microchip ARM Cortex M0 micro-controller.

The Arduino Zero board can reset, debug and program the ARM Cortex M0 through the embedded debugger (EDBG) connected to the gateway USB port. This component also allows a UART connection to the M0.

IoT-LAB special configuration

The serial connection baudrate should be configured at 115200 bauds in the firmware and use the USART from SERCOM5 on pins PB23 (RX) and PB22 (TX).

Schematics and Datasheets

Schematics are available on the Arduino website  here.

The boards is running on an  ATSAMD21G18A.


Nodes in Saclay site (arduino-zero-1 to arduino-zero-3) are equipped with wireless and sensors extensions:


The wireless extension is providing access to an  XBee module, compatible with 802.15.4 communication protocol.

The XBee module can be controlled from the board via UART connected to Arduino pins D0 and D1. Use the USART from SERCOM0 on pins PA11 (RX) and PA10 (TX). The baudrate must be 9600 bauds.


The sensors extension is a ST X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 shield. This gives access to external sensors to the nodes: