Get and compile a wsn430 Firmware code


Difficulty: Medium

 Duration: 20 minutes

Prerequisites: Configure SSH Access

Description: The aim of this tutorial is to understand how to setup your environment and how to compile firmwares. As the toolchain (msp-gcc for wsn430 nodes) is provided on frontend SSH servers site we will use it. Moreover you have the possibility to install it on your computer ( See the GitHub IoT-LAB FAQ) and follow normally this tutorial.

  1. Setup your environment
    ssh <login>@<site> (site = grenoble, lille, lyon, paris, rennes, saclay, strasbourg)
    <login>@<site>~$ git clone
    Cloning into 'iot-lab'...
    <login>@<site>~$ cd iot-lab
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab$ make
      Welcome to the IoT-LAB development environment setup.
  2. Setup wsn430 target
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab$ make setup-wsn430
    git clone parts/wsn430
    Cloning into 'parts/wsn430'...
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab$ cd parts/wsn430
  3. View and analyse the source code of the tutorial
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab/parts/wsn430$ cd appli/tutorial
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab/parts/wsn430/tutorial$ cat
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab/parts/wsn430/tutorial$ cat main.c
  4. Compile the tutorial (generate binary files *.hex with radio chipset support cc1101 & cc2420)
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab/parts/wsn430/tutorial$ make
    <login>@<site>:~/iot-lab/parts/wsn430/tutorial$ ls
    main.c Makefile  tutorial_cc1101.hex  tutorial_cc2420.hex