Node CLI client

difficulty Difficulty: Easy

duration Duration: 2 minutes

Prerequisites: Experiment CLI Client

Description: This document shows how to use the Node CLI Tool utility on the frontend SSH. You will learn, after submit an experiment, how you could interact with nodes and launch commands: flash firmware, start and stop nodes.

First step

Connect to frontend SSH and getting help :

my_computer$ ssh <login>@<site> (site =  grenoble, lille, lyon, saclay, strasbourg)
<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -h
usage: iotlab-node [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-v] [-i EXPERIMENT_ID]
                [-l COMMAND_LIST] (-sta | -sto | -r | -up PATH_FILE)


If you didn’t authenticate using iotlab-auth, do it now, replace <login> with your IoT-LAB login:

<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-auth -u <login>

Flash firmware command

Examples below operate on nodes reserved for experiment 7412, i.e. five M3 nodes on Grenoble site: m3-{2,4,5,9,11}

  • Flash a firmware on all experiment nodes.
<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -i 7412 -up firmware.elf
  • Flash a firmware on three nodes m3-{2,4,5}
<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -i 7412 -l grenoble,m3,2+4-5 -up firmware.elf
  • Flash a firmware on all m3 nodes except m3-2
<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -i 7412 -e grenoble,m3,2 -up firmware.elf
  • Flash an idle firmware on all m3 nodes
<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -i 7412 --update-idle

Stop command

  • Stop all experiment nodes
<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -i 7412 -sto
  • Stop one node
<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -i 7412 -l grenoble,m3,2 -sto

Start command

<login>@<site>:~$ iotlab-node -i 7412 -sta