JDEV2017 – IoT-LAB tutorial

Hands-on Practice with a Very Large Scale Testbed for the Internet of Things

Marseille, July 5, 2017

1.a Platform Overview timer_5


The platform can be accessed through the web portal or using provided command-line tools. In addition, the platform offers a hosted environment on SSH front-ends, featuring pre-installed CLI Tools, target architectures cross-compiler toolchains, experiments results, and access to devices serial ports.

Source code and technical documentation is available on github.com/iot-lab.

1.b Authentication Settings Duration: 15'

2. First Experiment on M3 nodes 

3. Monitoring M3 nodes 

Do at least one of the following two tutorials

4. First experiment on A8 nodes

5. Advanced tutorials 

Pick into the following themes the one(s) you want to explore