Platform Tools

IoT-LAB provides a comprehensive set of tools to deploy, run and manage experiments on the infrastructure. Web-based and CLI tools are available, along with a REST API.


Platform user-interface is three-fold: a web portal, ssh frontends, and REST API.  The web portal offers several management and reservation tools, ssh frontends provide access to open-nodes and offer command-line management tools.  Under the hood is the REST API, which can be used directly as an authenticated service.


Web-based tools

IoT-LAB web-based tools are provided to check platform status, allocate nodes to experiments and manage the experiments on the platform.

Click the buttons to see Web Tools screenshots.

CLI tools

IoT-LAB command-line tools are provided to interact with the platform. Tools are available on front-end hosts and as a package that can be installed.

   iotlab-auth     iotlab-experiment

   iotlab-node     iotlab-profile

More details on CLI Tools on GitHub


The REST API is the basic building block used by other tools. Developers and administrators can leverage the API to create new services or automate deployment tasks. The API is exposed as an authenticated service.

See the REST API documentation