FIT IoT-LAB support for the Zephyr operating system


We are happy to announce that FIT IoT-LAB now also provides support for the Zephyr operating system.

The version supported on the tested is the LTS 1.14.0 release from April 2019. The Zephyr SDK is also deployed on every SSH frontend to allow easy builds of Zephyr firmwares for supported FIT IoT-LAB boards.

The operating systems page of the website has been updated to provide information about boards supported by the different OSes, including Zephyr. You can also find more information about Zephyr support on the FIT IoT-LAB Wiki.

And finally, to help you get started with Zephyr on FIT IoT-LAB, we wrote a new tutorial that details how to setup your build environment, build and deploy a Zephyr firmware on the testbed.