New open nodes available on Saclay site


We are very happy to announce the release of a new batch of 46 open nodes on the Saclay site of IoT-LAB.

With these new nodes, the possibilities already provided by IoT-LAB are even more extended:
– The are nodes from different vendors: NXP, Microchip, ST, Nordic, Phytec, etc
– The nodes provide different radios: 802.15.4, BLE, WiFi, Sub-GHz

The nodes with 802.15.4 radio are deployed in the same room in order to allow developers testing wireless connectivity between heterogeneous platforms. Nodes with BLE radios are deployed in another room and are quite close to each other.
For more details on the deployment, please have a look at the Saclay site deployment page.

We recall that adding support for new nodes can be done by anyone: just follow our documentation on the iot-lab-gateway repository.

We hope you will enjoy working with these new open nodes.