UbiMob 2014 IoT-LAB Tutorial

Hands-on Practice with a Very Large Scale Testbed Tool for the Internet of Things





0.a Platform Overview timer_5


The platform can be accessed through the web portal or using provided command-line tools. In addition, the platform offers a hosted environment on SSH front-ends, featuring pre-installed CLI Tools, target architectures cross-compiler toolchains, experiments results, and access to devices serial ports.

Source code and technical documentation is available on github.com/iot-lab.

0.b Accounts, SSH keys, CLI-Tools timer_15

1. First Experiment  timer_10

2. Monitoring Devices timer_10

3. Contiki’s uIPv6 stack & Tools timer_45

4. Sensor Information Collection timer_15

5. Demo: The Big Red Button timer_10

Firmware Sources, Compiling timer_30