WSN430 Open Node

The WSN430 open node is a WSN430 node based on a low power MSP430-based platform, with a fully functional ISM radio interface and a set of standard sensors. Concerning the radio, two versions are developed: version 1.3b presents an open 868 MHz radio interface while version 1.4 has an IEEE 802.15.4 radio interface at 2.4 GHz.

Data sheet

WSN430 v1.3b WSN430 v1.4
MCU 16-bit Ultra-Low-Power, 48kB Flash, 10kB RAM – MSP430F1611
radio communication 860 MHz, highly configurable – TI CC1101 2.4 GHz, more high level – TI CC2420
external memory 1MB external flash memory ST M25P80
LEDs green, red, blue
EEPROM serial number allowing unique identifier DS2411
power 3,7V battery (830mAh)
Operating-System FreeRTOS, Contiki, Riot, TinyOS, OpenWSN
design WSN430 v1.3b open-node WSN430-v1.4-open-node

More details on GitHub