IoT-LAB can be used for educational purpose by Universities or Engineering Schools.

Using IoT-LAB for practical courses

The platform can be used for student projects or practical courses on wireless sensor networks or Internet of Things.

  • At least one reference teacher must have an IoT-LAB account and have accepted the charter
  • The reference teacher must contact, at least one month in advance, the IoT-LAB administrators by email to reserve a complete site during some courses period. The acceptance of the reservation is given according to the schedule of use for research or maintenance activities.
  • The IoT-LAB administrators will generate a set of automatic generic accounts for students. These accounts will be used during class by the students
  • The practical courses using FIT IoT-LAB will be cited in the list below with a web link when it is possible. You can also put a short description of the courses on the IoT-LAB wiki


University/School Year Title Reference teacher
Université de Strasbourg 2015 Internet des Objets, Master 2 RISE Julien Montavont
ITS School from Ohio University 2015 ITS 6900 Emerging Topics in Networking: Internet of Things Julio Arauz
METU – Middle East Technical University 2014 CENG530 Computer Networks and Communications (graduate course) Ertan Onur
UJF Grenoble – MiSCIT 2014 Distributed Algorithms and Network Systems Federica Garin
Polytech Grenoble – RCIM 2010 Tutoriel Senslab Didier Donsez