M3 A8 robots

This testbed is located in an experimentation room which belongs to the CITI laboratory and the Telecommunications Department of INSA Lyon, Villeurbanne. The target uses of this room are quite different: practical works with students, robots/drones testing, wireless sensor networks experimentation, Wi-Fi security evaluation, services deployment, etc. During your experimentation, this room could be shared with others practical works. Basically, we claim that this room is useful to observe the behavior of nodes with this dense interactivity.


  • 18 M3 open nodes
    • 12 mobile on robots
  • 11 A8 nodes


Lyon testbed is deployed over a 80 m2 area, composed of a single room. Nodes are dispatched over the ceiling, situated along several lines.

  • Nodes on ceiling are dispatched along 5 lines at 2.78 m high.

The floor of the big room will be dedicated to a fleet of robots.

plan_geograph_iotlab-lyon Cartographie


Pictures and movies


IMG_1283 IMG_1052 IMG_1281IMG_1056

 IMG_1345 IMG_1346


videos and pictures by Philippe ISORCE (CITI Laboratory) [ROBIOT],