M3 Nodes available


Please join us in welcoming the 198 new nodes now available on the Grenoble site.  Dubbed “M3 Nodes”, these are based on the STM32 micro-controller and come with a set of sensors and a radio interface.  Compared to the WSN430 nodes, this next generation features a more powerful 32-bits processing, a new ATMEL radio interface … Continue Reading »

Next Step: M3 nodes @ GRE


After the first installment of IoT-LAB in late March, introducing the new web portal iot-lab.info and featuring 1100+ legacy WSN430 nodes imported from Senslab, the extension of the platform carries-on in a progressive fashion. Over the next few months, expect to see more nodes (up to a total of about 2700), with new microprocessors (ARM … Continue Reading »